Delve Into Sumptuous Middle Eastern Delights With Lovely Views Of The Arabian Sea

Situated at the ground level of the sea-facing, Sea Palace Hotel, Maffy’s has a gorgeous section outdoors which would be perfect to enjoy the evening breeze. Since we came by for lunch, we took a seat inside where the ambience was warm and welcoming. The servers donned the Turkish Fez hats and going with the theme, the lamp shades were made to look like these hats too. As we admired the decor and browsed through the menu, we were served camphor flavoured water followed by a dainty Mango Amuse Bouche and thus began our lovely meal at the newly opened Maffy’s.

Let The Feast Begin

Delve Into Sumptuous Middle Eastern Delights With Lovely Views Of The Arabian Sea

Any Middle Eastern food tasting is simply incomplete with hummus and pita. We were recommended Cauliflower Hummus, Red Hummus (with an addition of beetroot) and the Signature Smoked Hummus with Spicy Shrimps. As we waited, we sipped on refreshing mocktails like Passion Potion made with rose infused syrup and pineapple juice as well as Wah Yasmeen which was a concoction of jasmine infused grenadine and passion fruit. Both drinks were refreshing and blissful in the scorching Mumbai heat.

All three hummus were served with warm pita and were delectable to taste. Our favourite was the show-stopper, smoked hummus with shrimps as it was unique. We couldn’t help but sneak mouthfuls of pita and this hummus, it was oh so good. We also wanted to try their Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup and before it came, the servers gave us some gulab water to drink. The idea of flavoured water is simply brilliant and is a must for a food tasting like this. The soup that arrived was soothing and had the warmth of a dish cooked at home.

Addictive Delicacies

Delve Into Sumptuous Middle Eastern Delights With Lovely Views Of The Arabian Sea

At Maffy’s one simply can’t ignore their myriad of appetizers and the Dubai Samboosa is one of them. They are filled with melted cheddar and doused with parmesan on the outside. These samboosas are addictive and if there are more than three people on the table, we’d recommend ordering two plates of these, they disappear in the blink of an eye. Another such addictive dish has got to be Maffy’s Mega Mouthful, a dish with lentil, rice and wheat tied together with aromatic spices and loads of olive oil (we mean this in a good way). This dish is served with Tikka Maffy’s, succulent chicken chunks on skewers. The dish is filling, downright delicious and makes us yearn for it long after the tasting.

After trying out the orange flavoured water and somehow managing to gulp down a glass of Faloodeh, we were stuffed and oh so happy after our meal at Maffy’s. We headed straight home for a siesta for after all the wonderful food, a long nap is much needed. In conclusion to our review, we have to commend the owners for not only nailing the cuisine but also creating unique fusions and making sure they have a wow factor. And a fair warning to those trying out the restaurant, you will get spoilt for choice after looking at their menu, so feel free to approach the servers to help you choose.