Delicious, Delectable Dim Sum at Shiro’s Dim Sum Collection 2015

This week, escape to a world resplendent with Oriental charm at Shiro in Lower Parel. Behind a massive pair of industrial doors, Shiro glows with dim lighting and Oriental statues that create a Zen like atmosphere. Currently, Shiro is holding a Dim Sum Festival, which Shiro’s sous chef, Chef Sameer tells me is an answer to the monsoons. After all, what better way to feel cosy while it pours outside, than to bite into a dainty parcel of dough filled with a warm, delicious filling? 

The Shiro Dim Sum collection boasts of almost 40 different types of dim sum prepared in a range of styles.  As we sipped on a hot cup of delicious tea from the Sublime House of Tea, we gorged on dim sum after dim sum, all equally delectable. Here’s what we sampled: 

Vegetable Treasures: 


 Shanghai Mushroom 

Spicy broccoli and water chestnut

Zucchini and coriander

The zucchini and coriander dumplings were beautiful parcels that imparted bursts of flavour, as did the shanghai mushroom dumplings which were further elevated by their pretty, two toned wrappers. However, our favourite of the lot was the spicy broccoli and water chestnut dumplings, which were soft, yet crunchy with a unique blend of flavours. 

Non Vegetarian Jewels: 


Chicken gyoza 

Har Gau (Prawns) 

Phoenix Eye Dumplings (Prawns) 

Celery Pepper Prawns

After a bite of each of the prawn dim sum, we found ourselves rhapsodising uncontrollably to each other about them. The phoenix eye dumplings, in particular were deliciously seasoned with chillies, and topped with an edamame bean which made for an interesting texture. In terms of texture, the chicken gyoza dumplings, which are pan fried, are also a must try. 

Our dim sum experience at Shiro was heightened by the fact that minutes before we dove in to the dim sum spread, we had had a conversation with Shiro’s dim sum chef extraordinaire Chef Rodricks, and his colleague, Chef Sameer. They divulged a range of hints about making dim sum; for instance, did you know that authentic dim sum makers used a bamboo stick to scoop the filling into the wrapper? Or, did you know that depending on the type of dim sum, different types of dough and wrapping styles are used? 


Chef Rodricks walked us through the intricate process of dim sum making, which enhanced our appreciation for the beautiful steamers full of dumplings that arrived later. Of course, we’re dying to share the experience with you – so watch the video below! 


 If our experience has you salivating for some delicious, hot dim sum now then head to Shiro; the Dim Sum collection is on until the 28th of July! 

Note: Many thanks to Andrew Ferreira for shooting and editing the video!