Delicious Crocheted Food Hats That’ll Keep The Cold Away  

Wearing your love for food on your sleeve is so passé. Now, you can wear your favourite food items on your head and keep warm in the bargain! Melbourne artist Phil Ferguson has combined two of his great loves; food and crocheting and come up with these innovate hats in the shape of our favourite foods. We pick out some of the best:


Pizza satiates our stomach, and now it’s working double duty to keep our ears warm! We deem it a super food!


Show the world your love for Japanese cuisine, and subsequently that you’re uber classy by donning this hat.


Ferguson claims that this was one of his hardest creations to make. We say it was worth it!


Have you ever fantasized about cracking an egg over someone’s head? This hat will satisfy that fantasy…almost. 


This cinnamon bun does look a little like Princess Leia’s hairdo, doesn’t it?


Better watch out that someone doesn’t mistake your head for a wine bottle and turn you upside down!


In this case, an apple a day really will keep the doctor away. Or, it’ll at least keep a head cold away. 


This would’ve been the perfect ensemble to celebrate National Doughnut Day

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