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What Delicious Chocolate Has Taco Bell UK Baked Into Its Quesadillas?


We’ve lived through the age of deep fried Snickers and then the Whopperito (a mash up of the Whopper burger and burrito). Now, Taco Bell has released a new delicious sounding hybrid; the Kit Kat Chocodilla.

Kit Kats In A Quesadilla

To make these beauties, Taco Bell has taken Kit Kat bars and baked them inside a flour tortilla to create a delicious sweet quesedilla; sans cheese of course.

The Kit Kat Chocodilla is available for a limited time only in the UK for 1.29 pounds when added to a meal. Taco Bells in the UK also have Chocadillas on their menu, which are grilled flour tortillas filled with warm, melted chocolate chips; another delicious treat for your sweet tooth.

If you don’t think you can make it to the UK anytime soon why not try whipping up a Kit Kat Chocodilla at home? Stay tuned for copycat recipe, coming soon!