A Delicious Bed made out of Gummy Bears. You can now eat while sleeping
March 22, 2015

A Delicious Bed made out of Gummy Bears. You can now eat while sleeping

Candy lovers everywhere, this is truly a dream come true for you. A New York company has assembled a bed made of gummy bears. This endeavor took four weeks and more than 26,000 gummy bears (we are not including those that were eaten during the process) and now it will be given away to someone with a sweet tooth. 

According to New York 1, the bed was created by Craig Fruchtman, the owner of Craig’s Beds in New York. Fruchtman said he was inspired to create the gummy bed when he saw an Alexander McQueen dress made of the same gummy candies.

The bed reportedly took 26,135 gummy bears to complete, and it is now on display at It’s Sugar in New York. You can take as many selfies as you want with this sugary bed!

The gummy bear bed will be on display at It’s Sugar through Easter. Until April 6, those who might want to own a bed made of gummy bears, for whatever reason, can enter to win the gummy bed and $500 worth of free candy from It’s Sugar by taking a photo of themselves with the bed and captioning it #gummybearbed on Instagram. What are you waiting for?

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