Delhi’s Uday Foundation Turns Scrap Paper Into Food!

When it comes to eradicating hunger, a lot of volunteer groups and even citizens in Delhi-NCR have taken the front seat to beat the widespread issue. From supplying fresh cooked meals to the needy to setting up community fridges in their neighbourhood, the people of Delhi have been doing a lot. And joining to serve the cause is the Capital’s Uday Foundation, which too wants to make sure that no one goes to bed on an empty stomach.

The foundation has found a unique way of supplying food to the poor while ridding you of your unwanted scrap papers. They collect donations in the form of old newspapers – which you would have otherwise dumped on a scrap dealer’s cart – and further sell these to paper manufacturers. The money generated is used to organise a Food Donation Drive for caretakers of patients battling for their lives in AIIMS, New Delhi.Delhi's Uday Foundation Turns Scrap Paper Into Food!

Image: NDTV

To enlighten yourself about the sad state of guardians (and in-queue patients) squatting on the pavements outside Delhi’s AIIMS hospital, just get out from under the rock that you’re living in. Of the many things that the government run hospital is known for, hospitality is definitely not one. But Uday Foundation’s food drive has got that covered to an extent now. 

The food drive is organized twice every week and the foundation feeds as many as 1000 people a day. On an average, a plate of food costs INR 15, which can be earned by selling just 1.5 kg of newspapers – that’s about 20 copies of a news daily!


Want to be a part of the drive? Send in your old newspapers on the address below:

Uday Foundation

113A/1, Near Rustom restaurant,

Adchini, Sri Aurobindo Marg,

New Delhi – 110017

011 26561333/444