Delhi’s Quirky Junkyard Café Is Now In Mumbai

After delighting patrons with a funky decor and artistic vibe in Delhi, Big Fish Ventures has brought its popular Junkyard Cafe to Mumbai. The restaurant’s arrival in Mumbai comes after several other big names from Delhi including Farzi Cafe and Raasta opened their doors here.

Junk Is Funk

In a statement to the ANI, The Junkyard Cafe owner Umang Tewari said “as saying “‘Junk here is funk”, when I launched the Junkyard Cafe in Delhi, we paved a fresh change in the way the city partied. Now we are gearing up to replicate the magic multi-fold in Mumbai’s party circuit with The Junkyard Cafe opening at three different locations.”


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The Junkyard Cafe is unique in its decor; it has exposed brick walls, faded posters of legendary icons like Marilyn Monroe and bits and bobs which would be home in an automatic’s shop like gas cylinders, stop and parking signs and several decrepit looking vehicles.

The menu includes North Indian ,Mediterranean an American fare as well as quirky sounding cocktails like the ‘Metal Bender’ and the
‘Maple Wood Salvage Fluid’.


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“I am sure Mumbaiwallas will love the place and will take gastronomy food and nightlife revolution to an all-together different level. My fascination for strong personalities reflects in the signature walls of the cafe which make them look lifelike. The Junkyard Cafe aspires to become a place which will be frequented by those who like to keep it casual and enjoy a satiating meal in a funky environment,” Tiwari said.

The Junkyard Cafe is now open in Bandra.


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