Delhi Street Food Gets A Squeeky Clean Do Over

The Delhi Government has planned a drive to ensure cleaner and more hygienic street food all across the Capital. Almost 23,000 vendors will be involved in the program that aims towards achieving food that id delicious and unadulterated.

“The Department has undertaken the training and education of 23,000 street food vendors to ensure clean, wholesome and unadulterated food for the public.chaat-1298

“The trained vendors will be issued certificates and skill cards. In first phase, 18,000 vendors will undergo training and education on how to ensure hygiene in their food items while serving them to people,” a government official close to the matter told NDTV.

These vendors will be trained and educated about food storage, hygiene and maintenance by the Drug Control and Food Safety Department. They will then undergo a test and then eventually be issued certificates based on their performance.


Promising as the drive sounds, lets see whether it turns out to be fruitful or not.