Delhi, Simba Craft Beer Is Here To Give You A Roaring New Experience

What if we told you that apart from being wild and exciting, there is going to be a lot more common things between your next night out and the Disney classic, The Lion King? Delhi, behold Simba Craft Beer. *Cue ‘Circle Of Life’*

After witnessing an overwhelming response in Goa, Simba Craft Beers launches its Simba Wit and Simba Stout in Delhi with the promise to offer a fun and authentic experience of ‘real craft beer’ to the city’s connoisseurs of craft beer. Brewed with the passion to craft unique flavors while maintaining the highest standard of quality with respect to the ingredients as well as the actual brewing process, Simba Craft Beer stands firm on its commitment to offer the best craft beer in the world.


Hoppy Hours Ahead! 

Simba appeals to those who don’t take themselves too seriously but take their craft beer very seriously. The brand is proud to launch it two variants – Simba Wit, a crisp and light bodied, with a hint of orange peel, coriander and lemongrass that offers the light and breezy experience of summertime in every season; and Simba Stout, a rich, creamy, dark and hearty with a deep ebony colour, voluptuous mahogany head and bold roast flavours.Delhi, Simba Craft Beer Is Here To Give You A Roaring New Experience

What makes the brand truly stand out is the authentic brewing process. A small team of beer lovers, who give utmost importance to quality and authenticity, runs the brewery. The brand reflects the Founder and CEO Prabhtej Singh Bhatia’s longstanding desire to create the best craft beer from the ground up. Bhatia articulates the brand’s commitment towards authenticity as he states, “…some of the most prominent craft beer brands of India completely outsource their production to an external brewery.  Without actually brewing the beer, the brand is just a sticker on a bottle.”

The team spends months scouting for the finest malts and hops, following the strictest quality control, and creating experimental batches to perfect the flavor. Every bottle of Simba beer is crafted in small batches with lots of care and passion, corroborating its claim of being the best and most authentic craft beer in town.

After setting foot in the Capital, Simba will soon be made available in Bengaluru as well as other parts of India as well. So get ready to say ‘Hakuna Matata’ to all your problems with a chilled pint of Simba Craft Beer this summer!