Delhi-NCR Cricket Fans Are The Hungriest During IPL Matches

The Indian Premier League, a.k.a. IPL could easily become the fifth season of the Indian subcontinent. That the twenty-twenty format cricket league turned eleven this year also speaks volumes about its popularity. And data related to this year’s IPL speaks volumes about the Indian viewers’ hunger pangs during match screenings. Foodpanda consolidated a bunch of data since the commencement of the league on 7th April, and turns out we’re hungrier than we thought while watching the gentlemen’s game!

Since its beginning in April, the IPL has pumped up Foodpanda’s orders by 15 percent on the food-delivery company’s app. “Due to the incomparable fan following for the sport, no other sporting event (order volume) comes close to the cricket season as of now according to our data,” Foodpanda said in a statement.


Quick Facts

Here are some fun statistics that shine the spotlight on specifics such as which city has seen the maximum increase in orders, exactly which cuisine is the most popular during matches, and more.

Delhi-NCR Cricket Fans Are The Hungriest During IPL MatchesInterestingly enough, Gurugram comes in first according to Foodpanda’s city-wise data break-up, followed by Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai. This means that Delhi-NCR is easily the hungriest region.

Delhi-NCR Cricket Fans Are The Hungriest During IPL MatchesGiven that most IPL games start in the evening at 8 PM, it does not come as a surprise that dinner and desserts top the list of most popular meals ordered during the season. Whole shakes and ice cream have seen a 30 percent increase in demand, dinner, evening snack, and lunch follow at 25 percent, 20 percent, and 18 percent, respectively.

Delhi-NCR Cricket Fans Are The Hungriest During IPL MatchesWhen broken down cuisine-wise, the data indicates that the three cuisines that have experienced the maximum surge are Lebanese (19 percent), European (18 percent), and Japanese (14 percent).

Additionally, Foodpanda has also introduced a number of promotions that are being run during the course of the IPL. These offers are also a substantial reason behind the mounting order traffic, which is bound to go up higher this weekend with the IPL finale scheduled for Sunday, 27th May.

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