Delhi, Have Yourself A Mini Oktoberfest With Bira91’s Free Flow Fest
October 14, 2017

Delhi, Have Yourself A Mini Oktoberfest With Bira91’s Free Flow Fest

We may not know its origin, we may not know the city that first hosted it, but we sure do know that it involves a lot of beer and that is reason enough for us to look forward to our own local renditions of the popular ‘Oktoberfest’. Given, Delhi doesn’t exactly need a festival to celebrate hoppy hours, it also cannot pass on the chance to host an entire event around the beverage! Now, the original Oktoberfest may be over but Bira 91’s beer flow is still steady at the Free Flow Fest.

The desi beer manufacturer has made it big and does not plan on stopping to take a breath any time soon. With four variants in its portfolio – Bira 91 White, Bira 91 Blonde, Bira 91 Strong, and Bira 91 Light – the brewing company has taken the market head on. So when it calls on us to enjoy a 2+1 offer, we shut our traps and conform. Which is exactly what we’ll be doing this October.

Bira91 is kicking of the season with the ultimate beer festival. It’s a classic 2+1 offer, where you get a third pint on the purchase of two. Only the pints on offer here are legendary. The promotion will feature the popular White and Blonde variants along with Bira91’s newest family member – Bira91 IPA (Indian Pale Ale, duh-uh).

The Bira91 IPA is a premium brew that features a blend of two-row pilsner malts, pale malts and wheat malts along with a strong aroma and some exotic bitter hops. It’s premium, alright.

In short, this is the perfect opportunity to try out a new beer and chug on your old favourites too. It’s a win-win! The offer will be on till Thursday, 18th October in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, while Delhi and Gurugram folk can enjoy it from Thursday, 12th October to Tuesday, 31st October. The offer will be valid in over 250 outlets across 5 cities in India. Click here for more details.

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