Delhi Gives A Nod To Safety With This All-Women Liquor Shop

Ladies in Delhi have yet another reason apart from 2016 to drink up courtesy Delhi’s ‘theka mall’ in East Delhi.


Ladies Special

Located in the alcohol rich SK Eastend in Mayur Vihar, standing proud amidst many “regular” liquor stores is the Capital’s first women-only theka.

Not only can the chicas now buy their booze in peace but can also be assured of not being judged at stared at while doing so.

What’s even more interesting is how the store sticks to its ‘women only’ label by having appointed a female sales rep and security guards.women-liquor-store_759_1451460121_725x725


Flawing Already

Although the idea may come across as brilliant to the female population, couples – who make up for a major chunk of the consumer base – aren’t too exited for obvious reasons.

The store has a few more glitches including the glass walls which make the entire process transparent and totally ‘lech-able’. Additionally, this liquor store is not your everyday theka, which means it boasts of mostly high-end names like Amstel Light, Murphy’s and Jamesons – nope, Old Monks here.daaru_1451460040_725x725

But it’s a start – a really promising one – and here’s to hoping that these flaws will soon be rectified. Cheers!