Delhi, Enjoy A Lavish Spread From Royal China As You Cheer For Your Favourite IPL Team At Home

The IPL season is in its most exciting phase as we inch towards the Finals. And to make the game-day experience even better, the Capital’s popular Chinese destination, Royal China, will be making home deliveries during the course of the Indian Premier League!

As the restaurant’s chef, Choong Chew Loon has an inherent flair for innovation and food sense for Chinese cuisine. Specializing in Traditional Cantonese Cuisines, Dim Sum Brunch, Crispy Aromatic Duck with Pancakes, Prawn Chung Fun, Seaweed, Black Bean Chicken and Seafood Cuisine are his USP’s. Chefs are out to impress with a mouth-watering combination of gratifying Chinese food with desserts. The lavish bar at Royal China features everything from flavored martinis to Royal China creations of specialty cocktails to an international range of beers, single and double malt whiskey and an equal range of non-alcoholic beverage.

Desserts like the apple/banana in toffee syrup; deep fried crispy buns with cream custard filling are bound to leave your sweet tooth satisfied to the fullest. And add to that the love that goes into making the dining experience special for you.Delhi, Enjoy A Lavish Spread From Royal China As You Cheer For Your Favourite IPL Team At Home

In-house, Royal China offers the perfect dining experience to make your meal special – from the freshest and the most delicious fare to an ambiance with an un-fussy rustic charm that would make you not want to leave. The restaurant sets the right kind of atmosphere for an unforgettable experience.

Visit Royal China and enjoy the afresh brunch offered during the weekends or else get the food delivered from Royal China with the same yummy taste at your home.