Delectable Mexican Delights By Chef Jacopo Conte At The Bayview

The Bayview is the coffee shop at the Marine Plaza Hotel which is known for its spectacular view of the Queen’s Necklace in Mumbai. Dining in a place like this is heavenly especially when the buffets are delightful, wholesome and downright delicious. To this, Mexican cuisine was brought in along with the regular Indian food for a limited time and we simply loved it. Chef Jacopo Conte made the whole experience absolutely special with his immense knowledge of the Mexican cuisine. Read on to find out about our dining experience.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

We started off our delightful Mexican meal with a lip smacking Tomato Tortilla Soup. It was rich, not at all a creamy or extra spicy versions that restaurants tend to serve. It was heartwarming and set the tone for the rest of the food. The server then brought to us some freshly cooked Lamb Taquitos and they were oh so good. The lamb stuffing was just delightful. We also nibbled on smoked chipotle that Chef Jacopo Conte gave us with much delight after we told him that we wanted to try it raw. The smokiness of the skin and the sweet pulp on the chili with its immense heat was pretty amazing to experience.

Delectable Mexican Delights By Chef Jacopo Conte At The Bayview

Next up in appetizers we tried the batter fried chillies stuffed with kidney beans. This with the avocado and onion salsa was a sheer delight. We almost went for the second helping but stopped ourselves as we had our mains pending. We tried the Veracruz style fish and Lamb Tamale. “Tamale is made with a special kind of cornstarch called masa,” explained Chef Conte. “It is stuffed with lamb or chicken or even beans and then wrapped in corn husk before steaming,” he added. The tamales were a sheer delight to eat and the fish in it’s simple flavours of peppers, onion and tomato was absolutely amazing.

We ended our meal with a lovely dessert called Sopapillas which is a puffed up pastry topped with sugar syrup and was beautifully cooked. The dessert completed our meal on a great note and hope we get to try more food made by Chef Conte in the future. On that note, The Bayview at Marine Plaza Hotel was a great host and made our evening special with their impeccable service. We’d be delighted to visit again and we hope you readers would go there soon too!