Deepika Padukone’s Fab Form Is More Than Just Coffee & K Challenges

With two of the year’s biggest flicks – Tamasha and Bajirao Mastaani – lined up for release in the last lap of 2015, Deepika Padukone has been gracing our eyes with frequent public outings. And even though our heart couldn’t be happier; our body is getting a serious complex. So how does she do it?


A Fine Form

Although a former athlete, Padukone wasn’t served the curves on a platter. The actress had to work her way from an athletic frame to a curvaceous diva – a transformation that we’ve seen happen in front of our own eyes over the years.

DNA quotes the Tamasha actor saying, “For me, fitness is part of my lifestyle. It’s not just something you do sometime. I come from a sports family, so I understand the importance of health and fitness as an athlete.

My dad being an athlete and mom being a fitness freak, I know how important it is to start your day with a workout. I play badminton as much as possible. An athletic lifestyle leads to a super shape!” she adds.


Pilate Buff

Like a number of other celebrities, Deepika Padukone too swears by pilates. Back when the diva had signed Cocktail and was required to flaunt a fab form in sultry attires, she felt the need of working on herself better.

“I wanted to feel 100 per cent confident while wearing those outfits. It was at that point of time that Yasmin Karachiwala came into my life and explained to me why doing pilates was so important to get the kind of body and level of fitness that I wanted,” she recalls.

With a schedule that requires her to work for over 12 hours, Padukone needed an exercise regime that effective and refreshed her body at the same time. And pilates it was!



To eat or not to eat?

Advertiser and brand ambassador for Kellogg’s K Special, Deepika believes in eating right. For her it’s not about starving oneself or restricting your desires, the actor believes in understanding your bodily needs and tailoring your eating habits accordingly.


“People misinterpret the concept of diet. You don’t get a fit-and-fab body by starving yourself. It’s all about understanding your body, how it reacts to certain foods and what it needs.

I don’t control my food but eat everything —from coconut malai to rice. People think they put on weight when they eat rice, but I eat rice and even sweets but in moderate quantities”, she says.

The Bajiro Mastaani lead gives a huge nod to eating smart and is totally against idealistic goals like a six-pack in 10 days. “People want to lose 10 kg in two weeks. It’s not possible and not fair to your body. You risk injury and do immense harm to your body by doing such things.”deepika_padukone_vogue_eyewear-1280x1024


Eating Tips

An intelligent eater, Padukone never skips meals and vouches for taking three healthy and balanced meals a day along with which she makes it a point to keep herself hydrated and nibble at something every few hours.


Starting with a plain dosa or eggs (sans the yolk) for breakfast, she opts for fresh fruits instead of coffee.


Lunch for the diva consists of a modest bowl of dal, vegetable, a chapatti and chicken or fish.


A healthy salad and chapatti make for the Bollywood superstar’s dinner.CeasarSalad332


“Never eat with your eyes, eat enough to fill your stomach and never over eat”, she professes.