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Deepika Padukone Stars In Britannia’s New Good Day Biscuits Ad


Britannia has rolled out a new ad campaign for its Good Day biscuits featuring Bollywood star Deepika Padukone. Conceptualized by McCann Erickson it revolves around the tagline ‘Smile more for a Good Day’.

Spreading Smiles

The ad begins with Padukone calling for an elevator and smiling at a woman in the lift, coaxing her into smiling as well. She then flashes a dazzler at a newspaper vendor earning herself another smile in return. Then, Padukone misses her bus and decides to cheer herself up with a packet of Good Day biscuits. A little girl comes by and inverts the biscuit to make it resemble a smile and the offers her a lift on her cycle. The ad wraps up with Padukone telling the audience to  smile more for a good day:

Good Day Biscuits

The Britannia Good Day biscuits operate around the philosophy of smiles with the tagline ‘Har Cookies Mein Kayi Smiles’ – all the Good Day biscuits have a design that imitates a smile.

Britannia Good Day biscuits

The Good Day range includes Good Day Butter, Good Day Cashews, Good Day Nuts cookie and Good Day choco chips.