Deep-Fried Nutella Twinkies – The Crunchy And Sweet Treat You Do Not Want To Miss

We’ve heard of every possible nutella combination – nutella cronuts, nutella pop-tarts, boozy nutella hot chocolate, nutella truffles – the list goes on! And when it comes to unique culinary creations, Australia takes the cake, especially with their extraordinary dessert creations. So it comes as no surprise that the next big ‘nutella’ moment is from here. But wait, it’s not just nutella that makes this dish exciting, it’s also got twinkies! Meet the Deep-Fried Nutella Twinkies, a culinary masterpiece by Sydney based Piccolo Me.

What Is The Deep Fried Nutella Twinkie?

Picollo me created this delightful dessert by injecting Twinkies with Nutella, covering them in a coat of crushed Weetbix – a popular Australian cereal – and then deep-frying them! Drool. But wait, that’s not all. Once plated, they the twinkies are drizzled with more Nutella, topped with crushed Oreo cookies, and served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream. Nutella, Oreos AND twinkies – sounds like heaven on a plate, doesn’t it? 

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that Piccolo Me has come up with tempting Nutella culinary creations. Earlier this year, to bring in the new year, the restaurant introduced the Maltella – a fried ice cream and Nutella-filled ball that made the internet drool!