Dead Lizard Found In Girl’s Trader Joe’s Kale

Kale, the green superfood that swept the world into a tizzy of super shakes, and salads (you know, healthy food). Unfortunately, Grace Goldstein had a pretty unhealthy experience after returning from her from her shopping trip at Trader Joe’s.

Grace was accosted by a very real, very dead lizard in her bag of (healthy?) kale. Of course, Grace next did the sensible thing and took to social media to complain about her uninvited dead guess, and honestly, we admire her resolve because we’re sure we would have been sick at the sight of that.

When she found the reptile, she was in total shock. “It was a back and forth between denial and horror, which amounted to a lot of asking my boyfriend to see the bag of kale and identify the lizard and shrieking and pushing it away and refusing to go near it…and then asking to see it again,” she told People.

A spokesperson for the company told People that they’re investigating Goldstein’s complaint. “We are committed to providing customers with great products of the highest quality and are currently working with our vendor to look into and address the matter,” they said.

Well, there’s a sight that’s not for the faint of heart. And too bad for Grace, she looked like she was going to whip up a mean salad by the looks of her receipt.