David Lynch Chewing A Donut For 30 Seconds Is Oddly Intriguing

Listen up all David Lynch fans! There great news for y’all. First, Gordon Cole is coming back in a Twin Peaks reboot. And second, the trailer for the reboot is out!

*Does happy dance*

Anywho, as mentioned before, Lynch will be back in his role as FBI Deputy Director, Gordon Cole. And since he is probably the coolest on the show, it is only fair to let him feature in the major chunk of the trailer. Wait, let me rephrase that – it is only fair that only a donut is allowed to share screen space with him in the 30-second trailer, which is 25 seconds of Gordon Cole and 5 seconds of the Twin Peaks signboard.rs-171121-93741533

That’s right, in the new teaser trailer from Showtime, David Lynch is seen munching on a gorgeously glazed doughnut. And that is not even the most unusual part. The thing is, the 25-second snippet of Lynch’s character chowing down the doughnut is oddly calming and weirdly intriguing at the same time. It is one of those moments where the background score lulls you into a Zen space of mind, while your eyes force your brain to overanalyze what it sees (probably what I am doing right now – over overanalyzing).

Have a look at the teaser below and decide for yourself whether it’s just our over analysis or should everyone be thinking about something other than whether it is a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donut that he’s holding. Post your musing in the comments below!

P.S. I wish someone someday looks at me the way Lynch looks at that donut between bites!