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David Beckham & Gordon Ramsay’s Cook-Off Is Epic!


Recently Gordon Ramsay and football star David Beckham made way into the chef’s kitchen and whipped up a storm in an epic cook-off during this week’s episode of The F Word. The duo competed to see who could cook up a better risotto.

While the celebrity chef has faced a fair share of cook-offs, it was a first for the latter. Needless to say, given all their combined success, the competitive energy in the room was uncanny, something that was evident from the word go. However, a lesser-known fact is the friendship that the two English men share, which too was brimming at the edges.

The cook-off was high on fun and humour as well, and the MasterChef host kept us entertained, and Beckham on his toes with questions, which the footballer answered with an exasperated “Are we going to talk all the way through this?” To that, Ramsay responded, “The idea is to talk as much as I can to put you off, hoping that your slip up, burn something, and I sneak in from behind and win.”

Despite a nearly non-existent culinary track record, the former English footballer managed to put together quite a dish, complete with asparagus, mushroom, and peas. Meanwhile, Ramsay kept up to his track record with a picturesque grilled corn and Dungeness crab risotto.

Basically, the face-off resulted in two gorgeous looking platters of risotto and over 3 minutes of velvety English accents hurling hilarious and cheeky taunts at each other. And it is not everyday that a legendary sportsperson and an ace chef share screen space so you really need to check this one out to watch all the madness that ensued between Ramsay and Beckham.


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