Dario’s Is Vegetarian, Mediterranean, And More

Chennai has several Italian and/or continental restaurants, such as Tuscana, Ox & Tomato, and Dario’s is one of the best among them. The restaurant is located on No: 11, Kasturi Rangan Road, 2nd street. This restaurant serves several interesting dishes, from continental appetizers, pastas, and of course pizzas.

The ambiance is very nice, with a humorous parody of the famous “M0na Lisa” painting. The service is very good, and the food is also one of it’s kind. If you haven’t been there yet, we’d definitely recommend going there.

We we’re hosted by the friendly staff of the restaurant who ensured that there was always food coming to the table, and by their recommendation, we tried some of their best dishes on the menu. We started with a thin crust pizza of bell peppers, cauliflowers, broccoli, mushrooms, and onions. It was quite cheesy and very filling. We loved the generous portions of vegetables that were spread across the pizza.


We then tried a platter that carried a few starters of pita bread, bruschetta, cheese stuffed spinach balls, and stuffed mushrooms. They were served with a variety of three sauces that we thoroughly enjoyed. What we liked about this platter was the freshness of ingredients in every dish, and the fresh tomatoes sitting on the bruschetta.


We tried a main of stuffed tomatoes served with a bed of mashed potatoes that was presented very well. The tomatoes were fresh and the mash was softer than ever with a sauce that complemented them so well. They felt light at the same time, which we were very thankful for, so we could move on to the next dish before getting too full.


The next dish we moved on to was the fettuccine pasta with a green sauce – pesto and cream – and delicious as ever! The pasta was graced with some walnuts which added a great texture to the dish and the sauce – we really couldn’t get enough of that. It was creamy, with a great consistency, and cooked really well. This is a pasta we may come back for in case we needed a little cheering up. That creaminess and the sauce will satisfy your cravings so much, you wouldn’t want anything else.


And finally for dessert, we had a strawberry cheesecake. A strongly-flavoured cheesecake which was soft as well, was served to us with a drizzle of puree. The base carried the cheesecake well, and was quite delicious by itself too!