Dairy Milk Now Comes With 30% Less Sugar

The iconic chocolate brand has finally become health conscious. Cadbury Dairy Milk has launched a ‘low sugar’ version of the chocolate bar. It’s definitely keeping with the trends of the time and catering to the demands of the customers with 30% less sugar.

Same But Different

The new version has been in the pipeline for almost two years and does not have any added artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. However, it still tastes exactly the same and also retains the same texture.

“Increasingly, consumers want products that reflect their lifestyle and we have always been at the forefront in creating unique products and platforms to address this need,” said Anil Vishwanathan, Director, Marketing

We are excited to give this new Dairy Milk a try! Tell us your reviews in the comments below if you have already tried it.

Dairy Milk Now Comes With 30% Less Sugar