Dailycacy in Mumbai is India’s First Dish-Oriented Delivery App


“What’s good here?” is a question that waiters get asked most frequently. Sometimes, they’ll smile and give you a long soliloquy about the chef’s signature dish and its merits; sometimes they’ll scowl and point to the specials board and sometimes they’ll hand you a fat menu, saying that “everything is good.” All of these scenarios take time and delay the ultimate gratification of biting into some delicious food.

Dailycacy, a newly launched app in Mumbai, recognised that problem and has invested a serious amount of time and energy into solving it.


The app curates the best dishes that a restaurant serves using a variety of techniques. Users of Dailycacy can scroll through the best dishes available in a particular area and then select the most appealing. Dailycacy then sends over a rider to the restaurant, picks up the dish and delivers it to the users’ doorstep.

Dailycacy: The Origins



“We were out at a restaurant,” CEO of Dailycacy, Praveen Parihar tells us, “and we wanted to order Chinese. We were going through a big menu, and finally asked the chef – what dishes are good here?”

That led to a long discussion, and finally the idea of a unique dish-centric portal was born. Parihar built a team consisting of Girish Valecha as a consultant and foodie, Avinash Panwar & Siddharth Iyer, who handle the Operations as a part of his core team. The team began putting together a list of the best dishes at a range of restaurants as well as iconic restaurants who would get on board the venture. Additionally, it hired a delivery fleet and analysed the maximum delivery time that each dish would be able to sustain in order to be at its best quality when it is delivered to customers. Using these, the team put together a dish based ‘menu’ in a variety of areas – from Bandra to Mahim as well as Matunga, Dadar, Worli and Lower Parel).

Food Enthusiasts and Experts

So how does the team decide whether a dish gets included on the app? It’s not just about their whims and fancies; they’ve recruited a collection of expert chefs (one of whom is a Taj hotel alumnus), food bloggers and foodies at large to help suggest and select dishes.


“We send out a ‘panel’ on an anonymous basis”, Parihar tells us. This panel then tries out various dishes at a restaurant, rates them and brings back their findings to Dailycacy. Value for money, quality, uniqueness and whether it is a best-selling item are all factors that go into adding a dish to the Dailycacy list.


Additionally, the app will also ask for online feedback and invite users to suggest dishes to be included.

The Unique Factor

Aside from being primarily dish-based, and saving a user having to scroll through an endless choice of dishes, Dailycacy is unique in a variety of other ways. For one, unlike other delivery services it has no minimum order requirement. It also has a collection of unique filters that allow customers to find dishes by – along with regular non-vegetarian and vegetarian tags it allows you to select categories when you’re craving something sweet or Chinese or an afternoon snack.


In terms of reviews, Daiycyacy ensures that user reviews will focus only on the food, setting it apart from other review models which also focus on ambience and service.

Along with having their own delivery fleet, Dailycacy has its own delivery bags, which are designed to keep the food hot and fresh for as long as possible.

Finally, Dailycacy has also ventured into the world of Mumbai’s street food – “We’ve on-boarded several street food restaurants,” Parihar comments, showing us an example of Gupta Chaat Centre, a popular street stall in Matunga on the app. No other app, till date in Mumbai offers delivery options from popular street food stalls.


Food Ordering, Reinvented

“Food ordering, reinvented,” is how Parihar sums up Dailycacy in one word. The app is currently has just been released in its Beta Form on Google Playstore and will be available on IOS soon; keep an eye on Dailycacy’s website to know when you can download it and bring a new dimension to your journey in gluttony.