A Daily Dose of Food Puns

Thanks to Instagram, the usage of the term ‘foodporn’ no longer sounds dirty and like you’re trying to hide something from your parents. #Foodporn is used when people post images of the food they’re eating, but since the introducing of Instagram, the hashtags have evolved considerably as well.

But what never stops being amusing are food puns. And that’s where Instagram account Talking Food comes into play. And their bio puts it just as simply: “food with personality”.

Started almost two years ago, this Instagram account creates a lot of their own puns, taking inspiration from things in the news or pop culture references that are always relevant – superheroes and Star Wars feature a lot.

And then there are those that we use quite regularly, puns that friends don’t like and people don’t always seem to appreciate or even understand!

Follow them and educate yourself for the next time you want to stump your friends. And also for the regular giggles, because they don’t disappoint.

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  • September 11, 2017 6:05 pm

    These puns are super funny, thanks for sharing but I still prefer the following food ones
    Never eat popcorn shrimp. There’s something fishy about them.
    My famous bacon soup recipe began as an add hock meal.
    My attempt at starting a street market turned out to be fruitile.
    Mothers everywhere want their children to give peas a chance.


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