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Dabur v/s Patanjali, Who’s The Big Daddy? #POLL


The Dabur-Patanjali fight is a thing of the recent future and given the on going lock-horn situation, neither is ready to back down any time soon. And in all fairness, why should they? On one hand Dabur has been the household name for decades, while Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has taken the FMCG arena by storm, courtesy the yoga guru’s major fan following. So both the brands have a reason to fight till the last breath.

Patanjali’s PR has refused to beat around the bush when it comes to advertising and has gone ahead to release commercials that blatantly compare prices with Dabur juices and honey. And make rather discomforting comments about his competition.

Hey! We’re not taking sides here. Patanjali comes with its fair share of credibility and brand portfolio, TBH. And while the said tactics may be in its favor, we aren’t so sure about the legality of the same.

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Though Dabur hasn’t really lost its consumer to Patanjali, it cannot waive the fact that there might have been a portion of the crowd that got Pied Piper-ed into buying Patanjali. Are you one of them or did you remain loyal to your brand while the Baba was out ripping other brands apart?

Vote and let us know!

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