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Dabur To Launch Fruit-Based Carbonated Drinks


After the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) relaxed the norms for carbonated fruit-based drinks, Dabur is all set to launch its own variation. According to Economic Times, the beverage make will be launching Real VOLO, which will contain 20-25% fruit juice. The proposal by FSSAI was released last month to encourage beverage makers to innovate in the specific carbonated fruit-based juices category. The earlier rule stated that the products require a minimum of 10% fruit juice or pulp content to qualify as a juice drink. 

Dabur’s New Fizzy Drink

Dabur’s new venture into will provide stiff competition to other new launches – Coca-Cola’s Fanta Green Mango – and existing carbonated juice products such as Appy Fizz. Speaking to ET about the new product launch, Kumar Mayank, Category Head at Dabur India, said, “A segment which was left out of our portfolio was that of youngsters from 16-25 years age. In our primary research, we found out that they are not concerned about health. They want the fun of fizz. Also, consumers have been seeking a ready-to-drink beverage that is fizzy, yet comes without the guilt of unhealthy consumption.” 


Real Volo

Dabur’s Real Volo will be launched initially in 250-ml cans, the first venture for the 130 year old company. The company tested out a similar product in 2011 but due to lack of interest, the product was discontinued. “We feel the market is now ready for such a product, which is unique and different from the regular fizzy drinks available in the market today,” said Mayank. Although juice-based carbonated drinks are not as popular as their regular counterparts, this specific category seems like a natural extension for one of the leaders in the packaged fruit juices and beverage makers in the country.