Dabbawallas Come To The Aid Of More Than 1000 Hungry Mumbai Citizens
July 6, 2018
Shruti Anand (1482 articles)

Dabbawallas Come To The Aid Of More Than 1000 Hungry Mumbai Citizens

The trains along with most of the Mumbai had come to a halt due to heavy rains and collapse of the Andheri Bridge on 3rd of July. This also led to the suspension of the popular tiffin services by the Dabbawalas that mostly depend on the local trains for the commute. But, that didn’t stop them from feeding more than 1000 needy residents of the city.

Roti Bank To The Rescue

Making use of the delivery vans for their Roti Bank initiative, the dabbawalas picked up leftover food and then distributed it, thus feeding more than 1000 people who would have gone hungry. A decent meal is something everyone wants during such heavy rains and the tiffin service provided just that to several Mumbai-kars. This leftover food was distributed in the slums and hospitals.

“As soon as we learned that services were suspended between Churchgate and Virar around 7.30 am, we sent out messages to our boys to halt the collection of tiffins from homes,” Subhash Talekar, Spokesperson of Mumbai Dabbawala Association told The Times of India. “Those who had done so were told to return them. Otherwise, the food would have got spoilt, as there was no way of making deliveries.”

Feature Image Source: The Independent

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand

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