Curtnny’s Cakes Will Make Your Next Birthday The Best Ever

Have you ever wanted to get your son or your girlfriend a very specific kind of cake, but never knew where to go? That problem is now being solved by Curtnny’s Cakes.


Curtnny’s – named after owners/founders Curtis and Vinitha Thomas (he calls her Vinny) – is a quaint little café on a tree lined street in Besant Nagar. They opened in January and have been working non-stop since then. They both had full time jobs and lived in England and Australia before moving back to Chennai to make this their main business.

Unlike most other cake shops, Curtnny’s has something even better to offer you – customized cakes. They pride themselves on making fresh and interesting new cakes instead of just copying what’s on Google. If you show up with an idea what cake you want with specific details and requests they can make almost anything for you.


They make everything from first birthday cakes to wedding cakes and large and customized cakes that will blow your mind and make everyone envious. They’ve also got cupcakes which are not only topped with delicious cream, but also filled with the flavour that you’re looking for.

A Millennium Falcon (Star Wars) themed birthday cake

If you or your guests can’t eat cakes with eggs, then make a special request and get egg-less cakes, because it will taste just as good as regular cakes and nobody will be able to tell the difference. And if that’s not enough, they don’t use cake pre-mix. They make everything from scratch, recreating your every cake desire right from the bottom up.


Curtnny’s is so much more than just a cake shop. Stop by with your friends for a cup of coffee and some cupcakes. Make this your getaway place in Besant Nagar with colourful food to keep you company.

If you’re looking to order from Curtnny’s Cakes, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Give them enough time to prep and make your cake. If it’s a simple cake, they’ll need a few hours to put it together. But plan ahead and make it detailed and they will deliver you a cake that will change your birthday
  • They do make wedding cakes, but you need to be specific in what you want and how you want it to look. Be as detailed as possible to make it easy for everyone.
  • If you’ve ordered a themed birthday cake, make sure that it’s with 3-4 days’ notice so that they can deliver the best cake you deserve.

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Curtnny’s Cakes is located at E97, 1st Floor, 3rd Main Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600090. To place your orders, call 072004 08080