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The Current Beautiful Food Trend Is Blue Ramen And We’re In Love With It


A lot of the time, food trends are created just for the Instagram likes and follows and nothing else. Sure, they might taste great, but it’s all about showing the world – and your friends – that you got to enjoy something that they haven’t or that the world is talking about. Think of all the food trends from last year – rainbow food, food hybrids – they were all created for the world of Instagram.

And joining the ranks is Blue Ramen. Served at Kipposhi in Japan, the dish on the menu loosely translates to Clear Chicken Soup Blue. Some are calling it Unicorn Ramen, others are just sticking with the colour for the name. Either way, it’s quite beautiful and makes us wonder if it would really taste any different?

The blue colour comes from a spirulina algae that they also use to turn their lattes blue, reported Mashable. Kipposhi is apparently famous for having blue items on their menu, the ramen being the latest addition. The bowl of ramen comes with greens, a salted egg and roast chicken instead of roasted pork.

While it may not look appetizing to most, it is definitely something interesting and different. So if you’re looking for a food item to add to your bucket list for this year, this could definitely be it.