Cure Your Late Night Munchies At These Places In Bengaluru

Late night hunger pangs makes us feel inherently awful. Although cooking food is an option, let’s face it, no one is in the mood to prepare something the fills the stomach at 2AM in the morning. When you are partying, the motivation to cook decreases sharply even more. Living in a city like Bengaluru where everything shuts down at 11:30, it is quite difficult to get food late into the night unless you are willing to pick yourself up off the comfort of your bed and go to the local tea stall which might be selling snacks.

The solution to these problems has come forth in the name of few new restaurant options which has opened up to serve food at an ungodly hour. If you are starting to hear those growls coming from your stomach, check out these places and satisfy your hunger for some decent food at an odd time.

1. Midnight Hunger Solutions 24/7   

The original midnight delivery service, Midnight Hunger Solutions serves all Indian and all good. Their varieties include chicken dum biryani, butter chicken and mutton masala. You can also try their Chinese menu with chicken noodles and chilli chicken turning quite the hit for us. Although it takes a bit of time for them to actually deliver the food, the tastiness and of course the late night option proves worthwhile. Midnight Hunger Solutions is one of the few late night delivery service which delivers food all over Bengaluru. So, even if you are living somewhere beyond normal society, they will get you your food. 

chilli chicken

2. Midnight Express Late Delivery

Midnight Express Late Delivery gives you the option of eating something light past midnight. Let’s face it, biryanis and Indian gravies are things that could potentially give us trouble the next day morning if had late at night. A somewhat healthier option, Midnight Express delivers burgers, sandwiches and veg nuggets. It is infinitely more easier on the stomach and wallet. If you are partying late into the night and the side dish that you bought has seemingly vanished into thin air (we faced this quite recently), try their non-veg basket, which has chicken poppers, lobster balls, and chicken nuggets. Midnight Express is open from 9PM to 7AM. 



Although only serves few areas, they do it quite well. One of the few services that provide online payment, they have an exquisite menu with Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Tandoori Chicken and Paneer Tikka highlighting their menu. The desserts, especially our favorite gulab jamun, are surprisingly good for something prepared that late. The great thing about Latenight is their online order placing, less talking and more doing. They also provide cigarettes and OTC medications until 4AM in the morning. Both a necessity if you are partying on a Saturday night. 


4. Crunch Pizzas 

Most of the late night delivery services offer Indian or Chinese. Crunch Pizzas throws a twist with their pizzas late at night. We know what you are thinking, why would I order pizzas that late into the night? The question is why wouldn’t you? Partying late into the night requires an energy boost and what better way to provide that boost than a nice hot crunchy pizza. Crunch Pizzas is open 24 hours, surprisingly, and the pizzas for the most part are as good as their regular counterparts.