Cupcake and Mango Emojis Will Soon Be Coming To A Phone Near You!

World Emoji Day was just yesterday, and we all know that food emojis make up an important part of texting (hello peach emoji)! Emojis are even getting a more inclusive makeover with the addition of red-headed emojis and the change made to the salad emoji in order to include the vegans.

Now, Apple is planning on throwing in an additional 70 emojis and have released a sneak peek into what can be expected! On the food front we’ve got some bok choy (yay vegans), a rainbow sprinkles cupcake, a mooncake, a mango (so you can finally say let that *mango emoji) and a lobster (Phoebe would be so happy if she had a smartphone).

You’ll also be able to use a bagel emoji cut in half so as not to be confused with a doughnut (round food for every mood) and a salt shaker. While word on the street was that the emojis would be released by June, it looks as though you’ll have to hold out a bit longer for that cupcake emoji because right now the release is slated for August or September so you’ll have to be creative till then!