Cuisines From Across Asia Paid Us A Visit At The Asian Hawkers Market In Delhi

When it comes to Asian cuisine, it’s hard to pick just one particular far. How can you choose between Sushi and Pad Thai. It’s almost brutal. Setting our Pan-Asian dichotomy straight, Zomato and Black Dog brought to the Capital the Asian Hawkers Market.

Dotted with endless rows of kiosks represented by stellar Asian restaurants from in and around Delhi including the likes of En, Asian Seven and Kylin, the food festival was nothing short of dreamy. It was the equivalent of a food Disneyland complete with a beautiful set up, live performances, cocktails at the I-Kandy bar and the aroma of sizzling spices in the air.

The event gave us a plethora of reasons to fall in love with the culinary excellence of Asian food all over again. Here’s a quick look at the fest through our lens.