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Nattu Kozhi Varuval is a lip-smacking Chicken preparation made with spices.

Masala Omelette is one of the quickest and tastiest recipe for breakfast with toasted bread slices.

Thayir Vadai is the delicious snacks that can be made out of Urad Dal.

Idiyappam is a famous South Indian Breakfast recipe.

Ellu Poorana Kozhukattai Vinayagar chaturthi is fast approaching. All of you can make rice flour for making mothagam

பீட்ரூட் வடை ஒரு செட்டிநாடு சுவையாகவும். மாலை சிற்றுண்டி பரிமாறவும். குழந்தைகளுக்கு மிகவும் பிடிக்கும்.

Ridge gourd tastes so delicious that it goes well with white rice.

Vada Curry is a very popular South Indian dish which is served as a side dish for idli , dosa and parotas.

குழந்தைகள் முதல் பெரியவர்கள் வரை அனைவரும் விரும்பி சாப்பிடும் சுவையான முட்டை பனியாரம் எப்படி செய்வது என்பதை தற்போது பார்க்கலாம்.

Ragi is an excellent source of fiber and helps in lowering cholesterol levels.

Bamboo Rice Dosa

Bamboo rice is really a special rice which comes out of a dying bamboo shoot and has got a texture more like wheat and also tastes like wheat. Unlike other rice this is not commonly available rice as its flowering pattern is little unpredictable.
As compared to regular rice & wheat that’s available, Bamboo rice is known to be very rich in carbohydrates, fibre and high in protein. It’s good for diabetics due to its low glycemic index. Also its low in fat & rich in Vitamin B6 and is believed to help control joint & back pain.

Masala uttapam recipe, is a simple kids friendly tiffin recipe.

Aloo Bonda is a south Indian tempting snack, high in calories is made with besan and boiled potato.

Bread Bhaji Recipe

Bread Bhaji which is considered a simple and quick snack in India. The bread is spicy and is served with ketchup.

Iddiyappam Amma and Appa are two intriguing characters on the cartoon show Simple Samosa. Both run their individual spa and Amma is known to care a lot for Samosa and his friends. So give your child this sumptuous dish as

Moong dal and Millet pakoda is a yummy, healthy evening snack recipe which you can enjoy with Masala Chai. This crispy snack can be quickly and easily made at home.


Little millet, known as samai in tamizh can replace rice in many recipes. Millers are richer in protein and it’s good to include in day to day diet.
Few days ago, I tried making paniyaram with samai instead of rice. The paniyaram was soft inside and had a crispy crust. It was indeed yummy and my family really liked it.
I had added onion and carrot. Any other vegetable can also be included.
This is a very good dish for breakfast, school tiffin box or evening snack for children.
It can also be served as a starter


The tangy and sweet Manga Pachadi is a very tasty and special dish we make on Tamil New year’s day, 14th April 2018. Advance #TamilNewyear wishes to everyone

This is an easy to prepare vegetarian stew with Yam, Sweet Potato and crunchy Green apple which goes well with appam, rice, pulao, Roti or bread.