Chow Chow Bath Recipe 


Chow Chow Bath Recipe - This is served in many south indian restaurants as uppittu kesari bhath recipe. Chow chow bhath is a breakfast recipe from karnataka or bangalore cuisine.

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Masala Puri Chaat Recipe


Masala puri chaat is one of the most popular chaat recipe and can be easily prepared at home. It is one of my kid's favorite chaat. They enjoyed it so much that day. It can be served as a snack.

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Flax seeds chutney powder

Chutney powders are the perfect accompaniment to almost all South Indian breakfast dishes. It’s a life saver on those busy mornings, lazy mornings when you don’t have time/mood to prepare chutney. Flax seeds are basically tiny nutty-flavored seeds have innumerable health benefits, Regular consumption of flax seeds is good for heart, hair, skin, and aid in digestion… especially it is a super food for women suffering from hormonal imbalance after the age of 35 years, help in maintaining balanced hormonal levels. The easiest way in which you can incorporate flax seeds into your daily diet.

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