Taco Samosa Recipe

Taco Samosas are delicious and savory with the perfect crisp.

Fruit Cream Recipe

A Delicious, flavourful and lip-smacking Brinjal Masala kuzhambu for Rice.

Super crispy and flavourful samosa recipe with a different taste filling. This taste great with a cup of coffee or tea.

Every Indian food lover’s dream!

Bread halwa is a simple and quick sweet dish prepared from soaked bread pieces.

Chocolate Cake recipe makes for the most flavorful, moist, and tender chocolate cake you’ve ever tasted!

Dal Makhani is the absolute favorite recipe that can easily be cooked to perfection at home.

Paneer fingers is an easy and delicious appetizer or starter dish which is made of paneer.

This appam recipe or Palappam is one of the crucial breakfast dishes served with Chicken Stew.

Heavy with tomatoes, chilies, onion, and fragrant spices, these scrambled eggs make for a substantial and satisfying meal, in a matter of minutes.

Onion pakoda or onion pakora is one of the most made pakoda varieties for a tea time snack.

Somas is one of the most popular indian snack items.

A popular favourite in North India!

This delicious mushroom dish is a great side dish to serve with rice and curry. Crunchy and juicy at the same time, the mushrooms just burst with flavour.

feature image source Print Recipe Baingan Bharta Recipe This is a really easy and tasty Indian dish that is sure to stir up your taste buds. Delicious baingan bharta is ready to eat with pita bread, Indian naan, or rice.

These Mushroom Samosas are filled with the goodness of juicy, flavourful mushrooms, deep fried in a crunchy exterior, and are just perfect in the evening to satisfy your craving for a hot snack. 

Nutty paneer balls is a stern exterior type of dish. It is soft from outside and crunchy from inside.You will enjoy having it.

Potato Kurma is a fantastic side dish for chapati, poori or any Indian flat bread. It is also very easy to prepare.