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Brinjal kadayal is a quick and easy side dish you can make during the hectic morning hours.

Simplicity is beautiful, they say. Can there be anything simpler than a couple buns smeared with generous amounts of butter along with a cup of piping hot tea? That is exactly what makes this recipe simple yet brilliant. Bun maska is

Paneer Butter Masala is the reason why a non-vegetarian would indulge in vegetarian foodstuff. No kidding. Follow this utterly simple recipe and blow away minds at dinner tonight!

Kaghzi Kebab is a grilled kebab comprising tender chicken drumsticks marinated and grilled to crispy smoky perfection. The drumsticks are stuffed with a stuffing made of minced chicken, pine nuts, herbs and various spices. The marinade, on the other hand, is a

Besan is the finely powdered version of chickpea or gram and is also therefore famous as chickpea flour or gram flour. It is an ingredient consumed widely and in various forms – like besan ka paratha, besan ladoo, et al

A well-made sandwich doesn’t go a long way. Why? Well because we tend to gobble it up the moment it exits the kitchen! Isn’t it wonderful to bite on a perfectly stacked combination of veggies, cheese and bread? That crunch of greens, the

Dear Zindagi is a movie that has touched the sensitive topic of mental health and while doing so has kept the story breezy. One can feel the Mumbai-Goa culture which includes food. Watching Alia bite into Vada Pav and her

What do you do when your rice-loving palate wants to eat fancy but your body says “cook simple”? You resort to whipping up some delicious pulao, of course. Why? Because the preparation is easy to make and scores high on

Galouti kebab, also known as, galawati kebab is a popular Lucknawi preparation made with finely minced meat – the meat usually being lamb, goat or beef. The name ‘Galouti’ means melt in the mouth, and true to its etymology, the

Love seafood? Adore pakoras (Indian fritters)? Well, then you’ve landed at the right place. This easy-peasy shrimp pakora recipe is an excellent way of satiating any and all seafood cravings while adding a touch of desi at the same time. How awesome

Dal Bafla is a dish that hails from the heart of India, that is, Madhya Pradesh. It is similar to the Rajasthani staple dal bati or the Bihari signature litti. The dish is essentially a ball of baked dough that

There is dal makhani and then there is dal Bukhara. The dish, which is a namesake of the Delhi-based restaurant where it originated, is a popular dal not only in the Capital but all around the world. Tourists and VIPs

A few centuries after Bajirao’s Mastani graced the Shaniwar Wada in Pune, the city is now sipping on the royalty’s namesake – Mango Mastani. Mastani (the drink) is famous in the city as a ‘dessert drink’, which is essentially a

Unless you live along the ghats or coasts of India, monsoon to you is what mint is to a mojito. Refreshing. And much needed. And what comes along with Monsoon (and with pretty much every other season, celebration and festival

The rainy season is here to rid us of all our hot and humid woes. With the season pouring down on us, it’s time we took our palate on a little treat to chai-samosa land. Because is it even raining

It’s the season of mangoes, and whether ripe or raw we love the King of Fruits in every form. One recipe that is an ode to the sheer awesomeness of this pulpy fruit is aam chunda, a popular Gujarati condiment. Made with

As the name explains, the adrak ki chutney, a.k.a. aadu ni chutney is a traditional South Indian ginger dip that is consumed widely in Kathiyawad and Gujarat. Prepared by blending together a mix of fresh roasted spices and lentils, the

A region in the Northwest Indian state of Gujarat, Bardoli offers fiery cuisine that inches more towards the spicier side. One fine specimen of the food from this region is the Bardoli Ki Khichdi, which literally means khichdi from Bardoli.

Yet another popular Gujarati snack, muthia gets its name from the way that it is shaped, that is, using fists (fist translates to mutthi in Hindi). The dry snack is made with either steaming or deep-frying chickpea dough that is

Maintaining the law at Chatpata Nagar, the Laddoo Havaldar is an interesting character on the show, Simple Samosa. Represented truly in the form of our big bellied policemen, the havaldar in this show is on point and hilarious. So give