Emma Scalloped Oysters Recipe

In Jane Austen's 'Emma', M Woodhouse invites his elderly guests to enjoy dishes like sweetbreads with asparagus, scalloped oysters and apple pies. Today, we're sharing a recipe for scalloped oysters.

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The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake Recipe

In The Particular Sadness if Lemon Cake, Rose Edelstein is able to taste not just the flavours in food she has, but the feelings the chefs and cooks had while making it. One of the first foods she has is a bit of her mother’s lemon chocolate cake. Here's a recipe for it; make sure you're in a good mood while baking it!

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Dr Who Jammie Dodgers Recipe

In Dr Who, the Eleventh Doctor demands a pot of coffee and twelve jammie dodgers. While a pot of coffee is easy to brew, we're sharing a recipe for jammie dodgers just in case you should ever run into the Eleventh Doctor.

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