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Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns is set to release this December and we can hardly wait to revisit our childhood with the iconic nanny and her friend, the unforgettable chimney sweep. Just to get you through the tough month-long wait, we’ve

Once you’re hooked to the show ‘The Crown’ there’s no stopping you from admiring the effort put in to make it. Watching the royal life of the fictional Queen Elizabeth II unfold on Netflix has a charm of it’s own

Tasty twist on classic recipe, see this chocolate orange trifle here.

Harry Potter is too used to this by now and post-book world where Potter lives on, maybe still receiving mince pies and jumpers from Mrs. Weasley, we can’t wait all the way till Christmas to make this one. Plus we

Keema Pie Recipe

If you like curries, love keema (minced meat), and can take a bullet for pies, then this Indian take on the classic British shepherd’s pie will be your pick for dinner for the rest of your life. Similar to the

Pork chops are the ultimate meat-lover delight. The meat is exceptionally delicious and just the right amount of rare, basically there is no way you can go wrong with a pork chop. Moreover, the mushroom sauce too has its way

Garlic cloves, if added in the right amount and cooked right, can do wonders to any recipe. Even the simplest of breads can be jazzed up with some garlic and bitter (yes, garlic naan, we’re looking at you. You too,

Though we don’t need a reason to lap up some rich and creamy soup, the weather has given us just the perfect one. And for all of you who prefer an off-beat refreshing soup rather than the classics recipes like

A side of mashed goes well with just about any dish. Not only is the creamy side a great balance to a meal, but can also substitute as the source of necessary carbohydrates instead of breads. Mashed potatoes can be

Traditionally, ‘cutlet’ means a thin slice of meat taken from the ribs or leg of veal, mutton or pork. A breaded cutlet, on the other hand, is variation of the same only coated in breadcrumbs before frying. And if meat

The mulligatawny is an excellent blend of Indian and western aesthetics. The dish is essentially a soup, but well endowed with curry flavours, meat, rice, vegetables, and spices. A culinary hangover from colonized India, the chicken Mulligatawny though a soup,

Home-baked sponge cakes are always a few steps ahead of store or bakery bought. If not yummier, they are definitely special. And what makes these homemade sponge cakes a tad more special is that added vanilla essence and some coco

Fish Steak Recipe

Want to whip up a delicious and swanky meal without spending an eternity in the kitchen? Try out this quick, easy, and supremely delicious grilled fish steak recipe this weekend to make all your dreams come true! The preparation involves

A traditional English breakfast served regularly in the great hall at Hogwarts is the good old porridge. Ron Weasley likes with sugar poured on his. So let’s savour a bowlful of porridge today! Print Recipe Harry Potter Breakfast Porridge Recipe

A pot pie is a lovely way of combining all the meal ingredients in one delicious preparation to roll out a gorgeous baked pie. The pot pie can be made in single serving pots or in one large pot for

This Blueberry Ice cream will not turn you into a Giant Blueberry like what happened to Violet Beuregarde, but it is the perfect treat to eat while you re live Roald Dahls wonderful magic reading the book. This recipe is

Mary Poppins isa beloved character to any child and adult who has ever encountered her. Combining a strict discipline along with some magic, she has taught us all how to be well mannered and also have a bit of fun

“ It wasn’t long before all four were sitting down to a good tea. Aunt Fanny had baked new scones for them, and had made a ginger cake with black treacle. It was dark brown and sticky to eat. The

Jo, Bessie and Fanny always have a grand old time with their friends on the Faraway Tree. Eating all the tasty and magical goodies and going on adventures to all the wonderful lands up through the cloud at the top

What would you do if you suddenly found a ginormous peach in your garden on day? James and his insect friends went on a grand old adventure in it , but we suggest you make up a batch of this