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पॅनकेक बेहद बहुउपयोगी व्यंजन होते हैं- इन्हें आप सुबह के नाश्ते में खा सकते हैं, नाश्ते के रुप में या डेज़र्ट के रुप में भी, आप पर निर्भर करता है कि आप इन्हें कैसे परोसना चाहते हैं।

मैदा से बने पॅनकेक क्यों बनाऐं, जब आप इस तरह के स्वादिष्ट विकल्प भी बना सकते हैं?

Louis Litt may swear by steak and his popular prunie but he also knows what his associates would appreciate. Apart from distributing ‘Litt Up’ mugs in the later seasons, he distributed burgers in the first one on winning a case.

Thanksgiving episodes on a show brings warmth and love and the one in Master Of None is no exception. But don’t forget to make yourself some delicious pumpkin pie for the true festive feels! Print Recipe Master Of None Pumpkin

Frank Underwood’s character develops to be a ruthless one and at the top of his game. He chows down meat like he chows down the person he want to destroy. Devour this pork chop, feel as powerful as Underwood and

Having a party or a game night with a bunch of friends? These delicious little jalapeño poppers make a fabulous appetizer. Stuffed with a cheddar and cream cheese mixture and batter-fried to perfection, these jalapeno poppers are super yummy and

Make yourself this delicious onion bagel for Louis Litt sure loves them plus you’ll need some energy to be extra ‘Litt Up’ for his big news. If you haven’t seen the episode already, we won’t spoil it for you but

Have you ever met anyone who complains when there’s chocolate on the table for breakfast? We definitely haven’t. Super easy to make and perfect for reheating the next day, there more than one advantages to making these Chocolates Crêpes. You

What if you lived most of your life under a rock? Kimmy did by being in a cult and now she’s coming in sync with what the world has been upto. On her first date she tells her vegan companion,

Watching the Tanner family once again on Netflix is amazing especially watching DJ as a mom. However she’s not good at confrontation especially with her kids and ends up not telling Jackson and Max that Ramona and Kimmy Gibbler are

A really simple recipe that is especially great for kids, these Barbecue Beef Cups make a fantastic appetizer or breakfast. Sort of like mini sloppy joes, they use the same ingredients but with much lesser mess. The crumbly outer layer

Frank Underwood’s character has made people chowing on meat more than usual, ribs more often. But Underwood is known to enjoy meat on the whole, sometimes even chucking a good steak into the pool when triggered. While we won’t do

When Eleven escapes and finds herself at Benny’s the first thing she grabs on to is fries and later a simple burger that Benny gives her to eat. The state in which she is at the time, chowing down a

Can’t a mom make his first-born son a pre-breakfast milkshake? Only if she’s up to something. Fuller House seems to be a successful spin-off of Full House. The 90s kids sure are lovely the refreshing change, including us. And of

Binge watching on Netflix simply shouldn’t be without having scrumptious food by your side especially when episodes so such delicious meals. Watching Suzanne munch on White Castle’s fast food was tempting enough for us to make sliders for ourselves. Here’s

Haven been raised in California, Hallie is used to spicy food like Chili Dogs which during their exchange, Annie from London isn’t able to relish. However, we always need a little pick me up like a chili dog while binge

We knew that food brought families closer but in this episode of Young Sheldon you’ll find an ultimate fight over the recipe of MeeMaw’s brisket. How Sheldon resolves matters we’ll leave up to you to find. For now we’re digging

Say what you want to and judge us all you want, but a teeny tiny portion of our heart does beat for some piping hot Hawaiian pizza, a.k.a. pineapple pizza, a.k.a. a blend of spicy, fruity, and tropical ingredients like chicken

In how many ways have you tried to cook or prepare your pasta? As a pasta salad, as a pie (read, spaghetti pie), slow cooked in your choice of sauce, or event deep-fried as fritters? But did you know that there exists

As the fresh season of Younger hits the screen, we’re all set to reminisce the lovely food moments as Liza dedices to act 26 when actually she’s forty. While getting into younger shoes, she’s hooked to the hot tattoo artist