CRPF Soldiers Stopped The Train To Cook Food For Themselves

CRPF Soldiers Stopped The Train To Cook Food For Themselves

Hungry for 19 hours straight, the soldiers of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) halted the train they were travelling in to cook food reports the Times of India. The special train only carried the soldiers who were travelling from Jammu to reach Raipur. After going a long period without food they pulled the chain and began cooking.

Hungry Soldiers Cook Food On Platform

The loco pilot had asked them not to stop the train but they still stopped it at Faridabad to cook a meal for themselves. The station master as well as the RPF, GRP and Railway officials also understood their plight. The report further says that the last meal consumed by these soldiers was at 8:30 PM on Monday before starting from Jammu. As they knew that they would not get food anywhere during their journey, the soldiers had carried gas stove, vegetables, cooking utensils and spices for the journey.

The report by the Times of India says that after starting from Samba at 11 PM on Monday, it reached Faridabad at 4 PM the next day which is when the soldiers stopped it. The station master KC Meena was not aware of this incident at the time but on hearing the plight of the hungry soldiers he was convinced. The soldiers even bought edibles from Gandhi Colony which were sold to them at a discounted rate. They then returned to the platform, lit the stove and had a meal of puri, sabzi and chapattis.