Crop to Cup 2019 – Coffee Workshop with Marc Tormo at Old Kent Estates Coorg

Coffee lovers are discovering new coffee destinations from within the cities all the way to the countryside, including the heartland of coffee in India – Coorg. This workshop provides an excellent opportunity to learn from a certified Q-Grader & connoisseur Marc Tormo, Roastmaster from Barcelona, who has more than 20 years of experience in the international coffee movement.

Harvest with the locals, learn about how coffee is sustainably cultivated in India while gaining a deeper appreciation of roasting techniques and experience the subtle notes hidden in the beans. Learn exciting brewing techniques and impress your friends with your barista skills creating art from the rich froth of your latte.

So, don’t miss the change to grab this opportunity with both hands! Because, this is a unique platform for all coffee lovers, coffee enthusiasts, those trying to make an entry into the coffee world, or simply those trying to impress their guests!

Date: 06th-09th December 2019

Venue: Old Kents Estate, Coorg

Price: Rs 30,000 ++ (all-inclusive stay in a spacious English cottage with a private garden)

For Reservations: Call 9789896454