Crisp, Sweet and Sour Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

Craving Chinese? This mouth-watering Kung Pao Chicken recipe is all you need to satisfy your taste buds. Made with succulent and crisp, deep-fried chicken pieces sautéed in a sweet and sour sauce, this dish is enough to provide that oomph factor to your homemade meal.

This dish can be served as a starter or a side-dish with rice or noodles, and makes for a perfectly delectable Chinese dish. Bringing you this oriental delight is Chef Anjali from Awesome Chef, and she has just the thing to make your cooking as easy as it can get. Check out her cooking kits that have all the ingredients needed for this dish already pre-measured and packed for convenience. Click here to get your pack of the Kung Pao Chicken Kit!

Find the detailed recipe here!