Crepe Cafe Set To Debut In India This September

With 8 outlets in Australia and 27 outlets in West Asia, Crepe Cafe, one of Australia’s leading cafe chain is all set to open its debut outlet in India. The cafe chain that was started by Jean-Pierre Corgnet, the Australian-French restaurateur first opened in 2001 in Queensland, Australia and expanded to West Asia in 2007. The cafe is known for its sweet and savory crepes, a popular dish from the French cuisine that’s now a favorite the world over.

“I think India is a huge market for us because of its young population and a growing middle class with high spending power. Moreover, the concept of crepe is similar to south Indian dosa, which will lead to an easier and quick adoption,” said Corgnet, chairman of Crepe Cafe.

The first two cafes are set to be opened in New Delhi and Mumbai by September and another 10 cafes are planned to be opened in various other cities by the end of the year. The BFC Retail Group, the firm that owns Crepe Cafe, is investing around 50 lakhs in its first phase of investment in the country. The company plans to open a hundred outlets across tier I cities in the country in the next five years.

Crepe Cafe outlets in India will be smaller at 75-90 sq. ft when compared to its outlets in West Asia, which are spread over 200-250 sq. Ft. The Indian outlets will be having seating for 30-40 people and will offer quick takeaway services.“We want to position Crepe Cafe as an affordable premium restaurant with a sweet spot between a fast casual bistro and a coffee shop,” said Corgnet. “We understand that a large number of Indians are vegetarian, compared to France, Australia, or West Asia. So, we will be using 100% egg-free batter to make crepes and 70% of our menu will be vegetarian,” Corgnet added.



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