Cremica Foods Adds Two New Mustard Sauces To Its Portfolio

Mrs Bector’s Cremica Foods has launched two new types of mustard sauce to add to their varied portfolio. Available in two variants, the mustard sauces can be used to enhance the flavour of pizza, sandwiches and a range of other dishes.

The Sauce Story

The two new mustard sauces are the English Mustard Sauce and Kasundi Mustard Sauce.

While the English Mustard Sauce is priced at Rs.77 for 200 grams, the Kasundi Mustard Sauce is priced at Rs,.70 for 300 grams.

Cremica’s Products 

Cremica retails a variety of sauces including sandwich mayo, pizza pasta sauce, chilli garlic dip, salad dressings and chutneys.

The brand also manufactures and supplies baked goods and exports foods.


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