Creamy Inn :Chennai’s Softy Destination

Why should you visit Creamy Inn? I mean, there is no dearth of places to eat Ice cream in Chennai,at every corner. So why exactly is Creamy Inn a must visit.

From personal experience I can only say one thing. Soft Serve Ice cream comforts like none other. Maybe it is a childhood nostalgia thing. Maybe it is the way the swirls of the softy making you feel like you are in the “Land of treats”and are about to climb the Softmore Mountain.Maybe it is the memory of young love or the memory of young heartbreak.

Whatever the reason may be, the milky swirls of soft serve at Creamy Inn hold a special place in a Chennaites heart. One of the few places that serves good quality Soft serve and the only place to exclusively have soft serve ice cream. They have branches at Anna Nagar, Chetpet, Velachery and K K Nagar.

Special Flavours

Another USP of Creamy is the way that they serve their ice creams. The softy machines produce only two Flavours, Vanilla and Chocolate, but even so, their menu has over 100 varieties and flavours. How you ask? The not so secret secret is using the best toppings, syrups, cakes, jello, fruits and nuts to create many unique combinations. They do not skimp on these toppings either, they add enough and more so that until you finish your Ice cream, you have your the whole flavour intact.

Their Ice cream Sodas are a must try and I highly recommend the Silver Streak. Vanilla softly blended with Sprite soda and finished off with a sprinkling of dried Rose petals. The Choco Vanilla Dip (softy ice cream dipped in melted chocolate) is a classic. Thick shakes and some of their specialties like the Tall beauty and the Choco Cherry Passion are all time favs. Their Rainbow specialties come in a multicoloured delight of of various fruit flavours and ripples that will excite the child in you.

Creamy Inn :Chennai's Softy Destination

So the next time you pass by one of their outlets, make sure to stop and get a dose of the softest comfort there is.