Cream Stone juggles some ice-cream love that will melt your heart down

Cream Stone, the new outlet on Alwarpet, is rapidly becoming known as the new ice cream hub in the city. It’s bright lights and scrumptious menu have people from all ends of the city flocking over for a taste of its glorious ice cream. The ice cream counter at Cream Stone feeds your eyes before you get to taste the real deal. It’s a visual trip down sugar lane with chunks of brownies, chocolate bites, sprinkles, colourful toppings and lots more to see! But that’s not all. An enticing performance by the people at Cream Stone give you something to look forward to before you reach your hand out for that cone or waffle bowl. The performance is none other than a fun juggling session that you will absolutely enjoy and one that is guaranteed to keep the kids excited!

It’s an ice cream wonderland at Cream Stone with all their glorious and creamy flavours! They’re got mini concepts for the ones who want to keep it simple and sundaes for all who like it grand. Kids can look forward to their kids concepts, a dessert section just for the little ones with delights like Candy Land, Magic Pop, and Bubble Gum. There’s a always a seasonal special for the fruits on spotlight and more options for lovers of fresh fruit. If you want something crunchy, there are plenty of nutty options to choose from, and chocoholics, don’t worry, they’ve got your back!