Craving Some Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough? We Found The Best Recipe

Cookie dough! Don’t you just love it? Originally made to be baked for cookies, cookie dough is irresistible in its dough state and we can’t help eating it. Admit it, every time you made a batch of yummilicious cookies, you always stole a few spoonfuls of cookie dough and ate it yourself. There’s something fun about the whole cookie dough idea too, and lately, it’s just been a trend. Cookie dough, as a flavor, has been rapidly becoming popular everywhere from yogurt shops to ice cream stores to milkshake parlors. Cookie dough is not only just in your ice cream, frozen yogurt, or milkshake. It’s in your Pop Tarts, your cereal, and also fused into every-day baking for some sinful delights like cookie dough frosting for cupcakes, cookie dough bars, and more. Every one loves cookie dough, every one knows it, every one wants to sell it, and every one’s happy! 

But remember, you can’t always eat the cookie dough you’re making for your cookies if they’ve got eggs in the recipe, because a little too much of that raw egg in the dough can’t be good for you. So what do you do then? You make this awesome edible cookie dough recipe and eat as much awesome edible cookie dough as you like! Now, isn’t that just AWESOME? If you didn’t gather already, we’re super psyched about edible cookie dough and we’re heading straight to the kitchen right now to try out this amazing recipe for edible chocolate chip cookie dough we found by Pop Sugar. You should too!