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When Eleven escapes and finds herself at Benny’s the first thing she grabs on to is fries and later a simple burger that Benny gives her to eat. The state in which she is at the time, chowing down a

If there’s one show that got me binge-watching then it has to be Stranger Things on Netflix. The intensity of the show, the thrill and of course the light humour for the comic relief is enough to keep one hooked.

Chicken Thoran is a kerala style chicken stir fry.

How can we ever forget the classic episode of FRIENDS – The One With Mrs. Bing. With Chandler’s mother’s appearance in New York all hell breaks loose for him. The brazen mom reveals her craving for Kung Pao chicken after

Try this incredibly easy, delicious and healthy one-pot Quinoa Chicken recipe for a happy meal. Perfect for all the fitness freaks who need their protein for those #gains! Print Recipe One Pot Quinoa Chicken Recipe Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You:

Love Pasta but don’t have the time to cook? Try this One Pot recipe and you won’t need to spend more than 30 minutes in the kitchen! You only need this one game-changing recipe to make your dinner a minimum

Attempt this simple, one-pot chicken curry that is low-fat, low-calorie and it’s slow-cooked so the meat is flawlessly tender. One pot solves all your cooking hassles! This dish is perfect for you lazy bones. Print Recipe One Pot Chicken Curry

A vegetarian favorite, the chili paneer dry is an integral part of every Indian Chinese meal. The dish is also had in a gravy-ed version, but the dry rendition is more favored due to its excellent ‘starter’ traits. Chili paneer

Lasagna is to oven what bread is to butter but what if we gave you the recipe to skip the oven and make this lasagna on a stovetop? You have to try it to believe it! No boiling, no layering,

Chinese is a cuisine of many gravies and sauces. Be it with poultry, fish, shellfish, or even vegetables, the Chinese know how to sauce up their gravies just right, with each gravy better than the other. One such awesome preparation

The best thing about pasta is that not only can it be tweaked, dumbed down, sauced up, and customized in a number of ways but the ease of making the dish can also be chosen according to your mood, the

There is nothing quite like a classic homemade cheese-laden pizza, amirite? But there is one variety of cheese pizza that trumps the traditional margherita – the Quattro Formaggi, a.k.a. the four cheese pizza. Just in case you felt that your

Korma is a traditional South Asian dish that is essentially a mildly spiced rich and delicious gravy seasoned with flavorsome spices, yogurt, and a sinful amount of oil or ghee. More often than not, a korma is made with meats

Every animal (cow, pig, hen) has a distinct taste, obviously. But it is interesting to know that within each animal too, the cut, the style of cooking and the part of the body also contribute majorly to the overall taste.

Khumb Matar also referred to as matar mushroom, is an Indian curry with mushroom and green peas cooked in a delicious onion tomato gravy. The preparation is very mildly spiced and is a perfect fit for those looking for an

A major chunk of the world’s population would rather pair their main dish with rice instead of bread. Of course by “major chunk” I am referring to Asia because rice is “BAE” on this side of the hemisphere. Whether it’s

Basic vegetable and cheese pizzas are passé. It’s the era of exciting mashup pizzas (looking at you, sushi pizza) and crossover recipes like the butter chicken pizza. And while we love the good ol’ classics, a little fusion food never

We knew that food brought families closer but in this episode of Young Sheldon you’ll find an ultimate fight over the recipe of MeeMaw’s brisket. How Sheldon resolves matters we’ll leave up to you to find. For now we’re digging

If there is one chicken preparation that brings together flavor, richness, traditional Indian gastronomy, and international acceptance, it’s butter chicken (no office, chicken tikka). The thick creamy gravy-ed chicken dish is loaded with butter, cream, spices, and all the makings