Cotton Candy Grapes Really Exist And We Have Grapery To Thank For It!

Grapery, a vineyard based in California, just created the most awesome grapes ever and you will not believe what it tastes like. Cotton Candy! Ever wondered what something this good might feel like? The only way to find out is to grab one of these awesome, mind-blowing boxes and indulge in it all by yourself.

We heard from HuffPost that the grapes “actually taste like cotton candy, or at the very least, really, really sweet grapes.” Grapery, the beautiful vineyard that’s responsible for this wondrous creation, has trademarked this product officially as Cotton Candy Grapes. HuffPost reports that these grapes we’re created by accident. “We weren’t trying to make a grape that tastes like cotton candy, we were trying to make a good grape,” said Jim Beagle, the CEO of Grapery, to Huffington Post. “We just picked really flavourful parents.”

According to the news source, Grapery has teamed up with various sources to work on breeding better varieties of grapes and “find the most flavorful grapes we can,” Beagle said, “grapes that taste great but have too-thick skin or too-big seeds to make it saleable in markets. So we use those grapes as parents and cross them with grapes that have other good characteristics.” These cotton candy grapes are said to have just about the same nutritional content as regular grapes, but are definitely sweeter.

The company had earlier played with a few flavours that were said to taste like mangoes and another batch like strawberry lemonade. But if you’re wondering if the next batch of grapes can have just about any flavour, Beagle says “We can get pretty rich and delicious, but unless we have some absolute freak of nature, it needs to be the kind of flavors that you’d find in the fruit world. We’re not going to have any steak flavoured grapes.”