Cottage Cheese v/s Tofu: Take Your Pick! #POLL

Being a vegetarian is not so much a curse, as it is a boon in terms of doing your share of experimenting with cottage cheese (and we’re speaking of the Indian cottage cheese here, a.k.a. paneer). Similar is the case with being a vegan. The plant-based diet, although a great deal more than just vegan substitutes, does involve a lot of tofu-ing around. But why do cottage cheese and tofu even fall in the same category? Here’s why:

Albeit very different from one another, paneer and tofu do have a few things in common. For instance, paneer is a kind of cheese (duh-uh), while tofu is a by-product of soy milk; cottage cheese is vegetarian but tofu is vegan. Also known as soya curd or bean curd, tofu can be sold processed, while paneer must always be fresh; and so on.tofu-425x282

Moreover, there is a difference in taste, structure, texture, and origin as well. And more often than not, it is usually difficult and not a good idea to cook paneer recipes with tofu and vice versa. Although that said, both have their advantages and distinctiveness. Of course, the debate is redundant if you’re vegan. But given a choice, which one would you rather eat – paneer (Indian Cheese) or tofu? Vote and let us know!

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Feature Image: crave bits