Costa Coffee Tightens Up Hygiene Post ‘Rotting Mouse’ In Back Room

After a series of incidents – including one which unearthed a rotting mouse in the back room – that pointed fingers at its hygiene standards, Costa Coffee has been ordered to work on it sanitation measures.

Costa is Britain’s largest coffee selling chain and despite this fact it fails to be up to the mark and has faced various disappointed shakes from health inspectors at some of its joints.feature image coffee day


Dirty Cappuccino

Earlier this June, while inspecting the Costa at Royal Hampshire County Hospital, officials came across Panini’s on the verge of being diseased with Clostridium Botulinum – a bacteria that can cause paralysis or worse, death.

Following that, pest infestations were found at an outlet in Broadstairs, Kent. The inspectors went on to compare the store to a construction site. Ouch!

And the latest, and definitely the most unnerving hygiene breaches was made at a shop adjoining the St Paul’s Cathedral. A dead mouse was found in the back room of the shop. Reports state that the rat had been there for a while.giphy (13)

In addition to foreign elements polluting Costa’s premises, many outlets are in equipped and have failed to meet regulations. Some branches did not have basic requirements like having hot water for staff to wash their hands after using the toilet. Reportedly, a Liverpool branch was deemed so dirty that authorities had to shut it down for a week.


But let’s not generalise

Although, in an investigation by the Daily Mail ( it was found that 23 Costa stores were rated two-star or less by the Scores on the Doors initiative, the findings don’t hold true for all the outlets.

Out of 1,755, most of the coffee shops received an above satisfactory grading. Costa’s managing director dropped in for a comment saying issues curtailing to hygiene have always been acted upon quickly.How To Make Iced Coffee


So is this why food inspectors didn’t find ‘Ratatouille’ amusing?